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Sheryl introduced me to 5Rhythms® as a means of ‘release’ during the stressful work week. That’s a major understatement of the actual effects – it’s a perfect balance to our manically busy lifestyles in Hong Kong. It left me feeling alive, playful and energised.


We Three women in motionlive in an exciting and transforming world, which is especially true in a fast-paced, tightly packed city like Hong Kong.

Our busy lives can be stressful. We are challenged with balancing daily demands at home and work, figuring out what we want and how we fit into this constantly shifting picture. Finding space for ourselves can be difficult.

5Rhythms is a movement practice where guided freestyle dance keeps us present, grounded and balanced in the midst of all this change.

It’s time to keep life simple, take a breath and just dance. No steps to follow, no routine to learn, nothing to get right or wrong.

Move with us!

Three women with their arms up

The only awkwardness is saying ‘yes’ to joining your first class.

Sheryl is skilful with her gentle guidance to introduce us to the different rhythms, bringing freshness and fun each week. What’s not to love?

Thanks, it was a lovely experience and the first time I found myself dancing across space… in the past I was always stuck dancing on the same spot.

When dancing there my brain had nothing
And this morning I feel so good.


I had an amazing experience doing 5Rhythms.
I could really relax and only focus on my movement.


5Rhythms is an enjoyable and effortless form of self-expression. People who ‘think’
they can’t dance, discover just how creative they can be. This practice allows our bodies to move freely, and this movement gives our minds a chance to unwind.

Three women movingIndividuals tell me they feel mentally and physically refreshed after practice. You can read about their experiences in the testimonials.

Curious? Why not come along to one of our classes?

5Rhythms keeps my feet on the ground and my mind clear

It maintains my sense of awareness and well-being

It’s my antidote to urban living in the 21st century