5Rhythms and The Wave

The five rhythms of Flow, Staccato, Chaos, Lyrical and Moving Stillness come together and reflect the way energy naturally moves in the pattern of a wave.

Every day, we see this same wave pattern reflected in the ocean and in our lives, whether at home or work. For instance, a business discussion may begin with a general introduction (Flow), before specific details and actions to be taken are specified  (Staccato). The next phase may require debate, negotiation and clarification (Chaos), before a solution is identified (Lyrical), and the parties reach agreement (Moving Stillness).

In a 5Rhythms class, students are guided in each rhythm to develop their sense of awareness and understanding of how they move in each phase of the wave. Guidance provides a discipline that keeps us present, grounded and balanced. At the same time, we have the freedom to explore our own movement and express our individuality. 5Rhythms® is an empowering tool. Once we recognise the rhythms in our lives, we can use this intelligence like our personal sat nav. We will have a greater sense of where we are and what’s happening around us.

The rhythms can be enjoyed on many levels—there’s something for everyone. Take a look at the Testimonials to see why.

Dancing the Rhythms encourages a sense of mental and physical well-being, balancing the mind with the body, emotions, soul and spirit. Practised regularly, 5Rhythms can become a powerful self-awareness tool to physically express what’s happening on the inside. The dance floor is  a microcosm of life, except that it’s a safe and non-judgemental space where old, limiting patterns can be released and new ways that work for us explored.

The 5Rhythms practice was created by Gabrielle Roth  and developed over the past fifty years. She was a dancer, author, music and theatre director, and, as I discovered, an inspiring teacher. She died in October 2012, leaving her son, Jonathan Horan, and teachers across the world, to hold the practice and continue her out-reach community work.

The opinions expressed on this website are my experiences of 5Rhythms® and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of Gabrielle Roth or other teachers.

Explore the main 5Rhythms® website and the links I’ve listed in Resources for more information. Better still, come to a class or workshop and experience it for yourself.