About Sheryl

I am a Brit who’s lived in Hong Kong for seventeen years.

I transferred here from London with Marks & Spencer plc, as a Human Resources Manager, and three years later, I didn’t want to return.

The energy and vibrancy of the city keeps me here, I love it … really love it! It can get a little crazy though. A friend describes Hong Kong as a simmering pot that can bring us to the boil when the heat’s turned up. I find 5Rhythms helps me keep cool. I have not totally perfected the art yet, which is why I practise as a student and teacher.

I began meditating several years ago, and explored various forms. 5Rhythms is a moving meditation, and I find moving in 5Rhythms the fastest way to clear my mind.

When I danced in my first workshop, I noticed myself thinking: “Was I doing it right? Should I dance with a partner? How long should I stay with them?” I realised I over-thought and questioned myself in everyday life.

I saw the potential for practising different ways of being through movement. I explored further, spent a few years dancing in the US and Europe, gaining more insights with different teachers, including Gabrielle and her son, Jonathan Horan, before training with Gabrielle and the Moving Center faculty, to teach 5Rhythms.

Since starting 5Rhythms I feel more like ‘me’ than at any other time in my life.

My past is long and varied. I worked with Marks & Spencer plc for nineteen years, before certifying as a personal fitness trainer and Pilates teacher. I have a post-graduate diploma in Exercise & Nutrition Science (Liverpool University), and am a member of the International Association for Dance Medicine and Science (IADMS). I like to explore other mind-body and somatic practices, including tai chi, yoga and Feldenkrais.

I have taken 5Rhythms out into the Hong Kong community, including the elderly and special needs children. Although I am currently taking a break from both, please contact me if you know of any one-off community projects that may benefit from the 5Rhythms practice.

I am passionate about 5Rhythms and my intention is to translate it in a language people understand. I believe there’s something for everyone – a brief ‘pause’ in the week, a weekly shot of the feel-good factor, or a tool for self-development.

I look forward to moving with you on the dance floor.