Experiencing 5Rhythms

The only awkwardness is saying yes to joining your first class. Sheryl is skilful with her gentle guidance to introduce us to the different rhythms, bringing freshness and fun each week. What’s not to love? TB

Experiencing 5Rhythms

Who Comes Along?

Regular classes and workshops are open to everyone, women and men of any age, ethnicity, religion or belief system. My youngest student was three and the eldest ninety-nine. I have taught people in wheelchairs, dancers and people who say they have two left feet!

What to do before a class

Be prepared to show up as you are – enthusiastic, curious, shy, tired or resistant, and bring this energy into your dance. Watch and see how your feelings are transformed through movement.

Wear comfortable clothes you can move in. Bare feet, soft jazz shoes or indoor trainers are fine, but socks are not as you can slip. BRING WATER.

In Class

The class opens with an unstructured musical warm-up as people ‘arrive’ and begin to move at their own pace. Here, we tune into our breath and our bodies, and start to let go of the day’s events and whatever is churning in our minds.

During the class, there is freedom to explore within a guided structure. Sometimes the session will focus on one rhythm, sometimes on all five in a wave. There will be times when you dance alone, sometimes with a partner, or even as a whole group. There is a different eclectic mix of music each week.