I like the 5Rhythms practice not only because it’s a kind of free dancing, but also because the movements connect with my true self through my body. It’s really full of exploration and fun. I’m not just feeling much lighter afterwards, but also getting insights into my current situation. EO
I had a great time, I really enjoyed the freedom of movement. The joy came from my heart and I was surprised to discover that satisfaction can stem from such a simple thing. We were reminded to notice our different body parts and breathing, and it’s a great practice in building our wholeness and our ‘cohesive’ self. FK
Sheryl is confident and enthusiastic that 5Rhythms can be beneficial to everyone.

It’s a highlight of my week, for the absolute freedom it provides. It helps remove all tension from my body as well as my mind, without being confrontational and without expectations of any kind. TB

I went out of curiosity and at first it seemed like dancing at a party, but I let go of any expectations and followed the guidance to ‘explore, explore, explore’. Every class I feel more and more free to move any way I feel at that moment and I started to enjoy the process. I go through my week feeling calmer and more in flow than before. MM
I found it a little daunting to start dance classes, but my curiosity took over and I have never looked back. What a fabulous experience! It’s very liberating to move and express your doubts, anger, happiness and joy through movement. 5Rhythms has brought me a form of moving meditation where I can just be in the present moment, connected to the emotions I have within me. KG
Sheryl creates a very relaxing environment. Through the dance I cleared my head and relaxed. One of the most surprising aspects was the way time passed. Go with an open mind – you will get more out of it. NJ
Thanks, it was a lovely experience and the first time I found myself dancing across space – in the past I was always stuck dancing on the same spot. YCC
When dancing there my brain had nothing… And this morning I feel so good. JG
I had an amazing experience doing 5Rhythms. I could really relax and only focus on my movement. MM